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We are local modular home builders providing turnkey manufactured homes at an affordable price. Our modular solutions will save you thousands compared to traditionally built homes and provide equal or better value. Our work is guaranteed to be on budget, on-time and built using high quality materials. We provide free consultation and can help you find the perfect prefab solution.

Popular Modular Home Styles

Ranch Style

The Ranch Style modular home (or Rancher) is very popular. They are famous for the short style and limit decorations. They are usually built as a one-story prefabricated home and are extremely flexible when it comes to adding modular additions in the future. You can say they are the most flexible modular style.

Two Story

Two-story modular homes have two floors above the ground. With this style, common areas can be found on the main floor and bedrooms are on the second story. This style is common among our clients due to space value on a limit piece of land.


More suitable for snowier and colder climate, a chalet style modular home is inspired by Swiss Alpine homes. This is not the most common style for a prefabricated home, but depending on which parts of state you are living in might be a good choice.

Cape Cod

Originating in the Northeast, Cape Cod modular home styles are better suited for colder climates and are very popular. This versatile style allows for simple additions, maintenance and with the optional second story. Due to the sharp angle of the roof on this style, these manufactured units often have an attic.

Colonial Style

Originating from the southern states, colonial modular homes can be identified by their size and iconic white columns. Considered the more “traditional” style for a prefab home, they often have a front porch that goes 360 degrees around the house. Most of these homes are built with at least two stories.


New advances in modular home technology have allowed for manufactured homes to be built without any size limits. This has created a demand for large prefab homes often called Mansion. Any style of manufactured home can be built into a mansion.

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Free Consultation
Modular homes are built inside a factory based on the owners specifications, budget and needs and transported to the site to be installed on the foundation. This process is the reason they are called modular homes as they are often transported in pieces and put together on site.
Modular homes are increasing in popularity in the United States and for good reasons. Technological advances have allowed for more flexible designs and sizes at a far lower construction cost. For example, in the USA modular homes cost on average 30-60% less than traditional homes. Modular homes can offer almost the exact same living experience as traditional homes both in maintenance costs, future additions possibilities, renovations and resell value.
Getting a construction loan or mortgage for modular home is not different than a traditional home. In fact most financial institutions don’t consider any difference between the two. Qualify for a mortgage or loan you need to meet certain income and credit requirements. These are usually federally or state regulated.
Because of their prefabricated nature, modular homes are often refereed to as prefabricated homes (or prefab homes). They arrive prefabricated based on your designs and specifications. Also with the same logic, because they are manufactured inside of a factory, they are often refereed to as manufactured homes. We hope this clarifies any confusion that you might be facing in determining which name represents the industry.

Floor Plans & Interior Design

This is your home, you can design it in any way you want. Our prefab home designers use the latest computer software to bring your vision to reality. The interior of your home can be designed in anyway you need it to. The main thing to consider are designs that increase/maintain your resell value. For example, we help guide our clients to find designs help the resell value of your home. You will enjoy the benefits of this extra service in the future if you decide to sell your property. Here are some of our most popular floor plans:


Resell Value

As important as the design, price and quality of your modular home is for you and your family, the resale value is also important for the future. During the entire process we will make recommendations to help you get the highest resell value if you decide to sell your home.

Less Mess & Disruption

Modular homes are built inside a factory and are manufactured in sections. These prefabricated, modular home pieces are then tightly assembled on-site. This provides a much cleaner construction site with reduced mess, noise and disruption to you and your neighbors. In addition to all of these benefits, risk of weather conditions pushing your project back is significantly reduced.

Time Frame

Most design phases take about 1-2 weeks to finalize (and approved by the wife). After the design is finalized your modular home can be built in about 4-8 weeks.


When the design is finalized and the permits are obtained, we will begin the on-site phase of your modular home building. The foundation of your home will be built and setup while the manufactured part of your home is being built in the factory.


Design Consultation

When you decide that a modular home is the right solution for you, you will meet with a senior design expert to start building your dream prefab home. The designing process converts yours needs into a digital file using high tech computer software to build a 3D model. This 3D model is then used during the manufacturing process.


Free Consultation

We know you have questions and want to know if prefabricated homes are the right fit for you. Take advantage of our free consultation.

At the end of the consultation, you will have all of the information you need to make the right decision.

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