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Factory Built Home


Building in the 21st century is system-built. Home construction in the 21st century is modular built. You get the greatest value and highest quality when you build modular with Sandcastle Homes. Client focused, customized, turnkey service.

Essentially, a modular home is a factory built home. Since modular homes are built inside factories, they're protected from inclement weather and built by a skilled, stable labor force using modern assembly line technology. Quality assurance is guaranteed by a 13-point in-factory inspection, which is documented and submitted to local and independent permitting officials.

The factory built home is then transported via flat bed truck to the homeowner's site, which Sandcastle Group prepares with foundation and utility hook-ups in place. Our team of experts completes the job, which usually takes 4-8 weeks from the beginning of the construction process to the time the home owner takes occupancy. This significantly condenses the building timeline from that of conventional construction. It also virtually eliminates weather-related delays, and greatly reduces the risk of mold and mildew problems.

Superior quality control and assurance enables Sandcastle Group to offer 10-year warranties on modular homes, compared to the typical 1-year warranty for traditionally-built homes. Also, modular building is structured so that cost overruns are less likely. Design and customization decisions are made in advance and locked in at the factory, so change-orders and the affiliated price-creep, which typically has a dramatic impact on home construction, is minimized. The average modular home is actually 20-30% less expensive than traditionally built homes.

From Capes and Colonials, to Ranches and Contemporaries, or even Multi-Families, Sandcastle Group offers modular homes in a wide variety of styles and designs. Once a base style is selected, our design department, with the help of computer aided design (CAD) capabilities, can customize each factory built home.

Modular homes and additions have become a very popular solution for homeowners who need to upgrade their homes but don't want to leave their current location for any number of reasons, such as neighborhood, community, school system, church, and proximity to family or friends. Because factory built home building is faster than traditional construction, families are disrupted for a shorter period of time.

Another increasingly popular choice for homeowners includes "rebuilds," or demolition of existing homes prior to installation of a new modular residence, especially in waterfront communities. Many vacation property homeowners schedule construction during the winter, ensuring they lose no "in-season" enjoyment of their property.